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Mercedes-Benz Vario -armoured Minibuses
Volkswagen T5 Van Mercedes-Benz Vario -armoured MinibusesMercedes-Benz Vario -armoured Minibuses

Payload: 1.750 – 2.750kg depending on armouring level
GVW max.: 7.490 kg
Power: 100 - 130 kW / 136 - 177 hp
Engine: 4 cyl. diesel
Speed max.: 100 km/h
AC: 8 – 10 kW on top or under floor condenser, evaporator and central air channel under the roof
Seats: Driver + 13 passengers
Armouring level: B3 – B6 (EN 1063)
Options: run flat systems, armouring of fuel tank and battery protection against hand grenades



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Rear doors to be opened for leaving the bus
in emergency case

Entrance door with
support roll for release of

Rear passengers compartment with 11 seats, luggage
compartments, central air channel with louvers, loudspeakers
and halogen spots